Sunday, March 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This is a short week for us as we have friends coming to visit for the holiday weekend. So my plans for Thur through Sunday are TBA based on what the group decides to do. I don't even have plans to cook for Easter as we may visit family.
If by chance upcoming house guests are reading this blog, they are welcome to make any requests for meals because I'm more than happy to cook for them.

Monday- I'm going to make what is pictured above; Orange Beef Stir Fry. In our house we don't care for bell peppers, so I just use whatever other vegetables I might have, this week it will be broccoli and asparagus. I love how this stir fry has orange segments in it as well as plenty of fresh squeezed juice in the sauce.

Tuesday- Chicken noodle soup, I've got some vegetables and a chicken carcass to use up. I'd link the recipe I use, but it's in my head and not written out. (yet)

Wednesday- Shredded pork nachos*. I made carnitas for a potluck party and took the leftovers home, we'll have that with guacamole and some beans and rice. This will be a quick and easy meal with few dishes, so I can spend more timing preparing for our house guests.

This weekend, I baked Snickerdoodle Blondies, try them, they rock.

*For the pork- Super easy; cook a pork shoulder or picnic roast in a slow cooker. No water added, but season the pork; salt, pepper, garlic, chunks of onion (if you want), sometimes I use Pampered Chef Southwest seasoning; you could use taco seasoning or mostly I don't measure but just sprinkle all sides of the meat with chili powder, paprika and cumin. Cook it on low for 7 hours or until it falls apart. You can serve it just like that or I get a pan hot with a little oil and fry the meat in batches until it's crispy. I also season it more while frying. Serve it like tacos or add it on nachos. Freeze the leftover meat and serve it again the same way or add bbq sauce for pulled pork or toss it in a chili.

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