Monday, March 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

So this past week went well, I made one change on Sunday due to have a late lunch and a toddler who for some reason took the carton of buttermilk and poured it all over the counter. So I didn't make ricotta cheese for maniccoti.

This week is a bit more hectic and I am trying to focus on cooking with what I have on hand. I generally shop at the start of a month with just a few additional trips for replenishing perishables. However, on Friday I have company and will shop for the ingredients needed for that dinner.

Monday- Hamburger Stroganoff - I cooked this ahead because we'd be out in the evening for sports. I knew it wasn't really the sort of thing that you let sit and then eat, the sauce is best fresh off the pan. But we ate it anyway and it was fine. I just doesn't look as good.

Tuesday- We're going to be incredibly indulgent and have fried chicken, mashed potatoes and collard greens. I saw my husband's eye's light up when I announced this. This meal is for him. I received greens in my CSA box and decided to pick up some more at the store last week so there would be enough to make them Southern bbq style, so I just decided fried chicken and potatoes should go along with them.

Wednesday- To counter-balance Tuesday's heart attack meal, on Wed we're having a very low fat ground turkey stir fry. I'm going to experiment with making one that is not Asian in flavor, but using seasonings and balsamic vinegar.

Thursday- I've had a jar of Trader Joe's Thai Green Curry sauce for about a month and I should really try it. So I'm cooking it with chicken, green beans and some jasmine rice. We have sports and will be home late for dinner, so I'm going to prep this in advance.

Friday- This is when I have company coming. I'm again going to embrace The South and fix shrimp, cheese grits, a salad and caramel cake for dessert. This is thematic for my book club meeting; we just read The Help.

Saturday- We're attending a dinner party that's a sort of cook-off competition. The theme is Mexican. I'm leaning toward crispy pork tacos, however someone might already be bringing tacos so I may make a flan. Pray for me, I think it's been well over 10 years since I made flan.

Sunday- I'm tempted to roast a chicken, but I think by the end of the week I'm going to want to go out for sushi. So we're keeping this day TBA.

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