Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday is almost over and I sit here at the computer incredibly exhausted from about 5 hours of non stop cooking, some of it grilling outdoors in about 99 degree heat. Not that I'm complaining about doing that, it was great and it's going to be a weekly gig that I'm trilled to have. But boy am I beat. Confession- I went to bed after 1am, because I decided at like 11pm to get out of bed and watch the latest 2 episodes of HBO's True Blood. So to be up at 6:30am and then cooking by 10, I'm not surprised that I'm starting to fall apart at 5:30pm. And for the record, watching True Blood was worth it. I just won't be doing much this evening besides mustering some energy to get dinner on the table. And luckily there's no soccer, but everyone (except me) will be home late, so I can spend some time just sitting before starting dinner. The photo is what their fridge looked like when I was finished.

I do want to share some exciting news! Thanks to blogger, Savour Fare I learned about an online shopping list tool that I instantly fell in love with. I've been creating my own lists in Excel for about 4 years now and was doing the same thing each week for the newsletter and my custom clients. But is the first online tool and iPhone app that I have actually liked. They have a recipe database that pulls from several big recipe websites like Martha Stewart and Recipezaar. You can also add recipes to it yourself, using their recipe clipper, which basically will grab the ingredients off a recipe you are viewing. You can then either just add it to your own recipe box or to your shopping list. In a few weeks, my own e-mealplanning recipes will have ziplist button that adds the recipe to your shopping list and sometime near the end of 2010, I will be able to build a shopping list that others can download into their own ziplist. And I really love that the iPhone app keeps automatically sync'd with whatever you've updated online. Besides the app, they make it easy for you to email or text your list to someone else and they have a mobile version for other phones to use in the mobile browser. I am going to no longer create these Excel lists each month but will ZipList instead. For example, the clients who wanted me to help them plan their meals and have food ready for them signed up for Ziplist, then let me know the login info so I could go on and build their list for them. All they had to do was check it over and remove anything they didn't have and then shop. It was all ready for me when I showed up this morning to cook.

And now to what I'm cooking this week-

Monday- A variation on Pioneer Woman's spaghetti with artichoke hearts and tomatoes, I'm adding shrimp. Plus fixing some caprese salad.

Tuesday- Will be out all day having fun, but putting some chicken in the crock pot for bbq chicken sandwiches when we get home. I'll will fix a quick coleslaw for myself (I'm the only one who likes it) and some green beans to go with it.

Wednesday- Thai Chicken Saute with rice and zucchini. (Or some similar variation on that recipe.)

Thursday- Grilled Salmon Teriyaki w/ grilled vegetables, rice.

Friday- Grilled Turkey Meatloaf, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes

Saturday- I need to go out for sushi. Seriously.

Sunday- Happy 4th of July! We'll be spending the day with friends. It's a pot luck of sorts and we've discussed chicken and corn on the cob so far. My contribution will be everything for an ice cream sundae bar.

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