Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I skipped last week. I actually did write out my meal plan, I just didn't get a moment to create something for the blog.

This is a photo I think I took last summer. It's my CSA produce box from Farm Fresh to You. This Wednesday is my next delivery. In some parts of the country, people who participate in a CSA service are just getting their first deliveries of the season. I think we're spoiled here in California as we have year round service. I used to get their regular sized mixed box every other week, but reduced it to the small mixed box when I was finding that our consumption (and our schedule) wasn't going to make use of everything. I sort of find that statement to be a bit ridiculous, because basically it means we're too busy to eat healthy fruits and vegetables. But yet it is the challenge that I have in my house. Plus, we're not good salad eaters and the box always contains a lettuce. My husband eats salad when I put it in front of him at home. But at a restaurant when there's the choice of soup or salad or a salad bar add-on, he's not choosing it. Pack a salad in his lunch and I am met with a glare. I like salad and love a good salad bar, but at home I usually like to fix a specific salad; like a spinach with berries, not just a mixed green. So it's not that we don't eat fruits and vegetables, with the CSA box I make use of the vegetables as side dishes with our meals. We eat the fruit, but I don't think we eat enough fruit, including myself. It's not the go-to snack that it should be. So we need to work on increasing our intake of fruit and I should re-visit my account and review what I exclude, it would be better to get more of something we always eat as a substitute for something we're not consuming.
In any case, I highly recommend subscribing to a service like Farm Fresh to You. I like that you have total control over what you get. Not all CSA's are like that. Plus you can view online what is coming in the box, so you can plan ahead. :-)

Monday- Homemade Manicotti- Love this! It's so easy to make the pasta sheets. I've got leftover sauce from last week to use with this. I am also going to make a point of making a caesar salad. I can also assemble it in advance, then set the oven timer to bake it just before we come home from soccer.

Tuesday- Grilled Chicken, baked potatoes, green beans- Simple but good.

Wednesday- Grilled pineapple chicken quesadillas- We love these! I'm grilling extra chicken on Tuesday to use with this and maybe even the pineapple, although the pineapple is so good grilled fresh.

Thursday- Grilled Pork Chops, caprese salad, corn on the cob

Friday- Not cooking, attending a fundraising dinner

Saturday- Busy day with a soccer tournament. Plus possible plans with friends so I'm keeping this day open.

Sunday- Another day of soccer, but should be home by the evening. So I'm going to play it by ear, but plan to grill some burgers.

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