Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Cooking

Butternut squash soup that I recently made for a client and for myself!

Well Hello.  I know, it's been ages.  Why do I always do this?  Always meaning to write, say that I'll write, but yet don't.  Here it is December and the last post I wrote was in May!  And then I think to myself, "why can't I get my blog more page views?"  Actually, I don't really think about that because I know that I don't put the effort in and so therefore this blog doesn't get seen.  So I'm going to try and set some realistic goals and plan out some topics so that come January, I will have A Plan.

But right now, let's talk about winter.  We are in the middle of a cold snap here; for this part of California that means it's under 40 degrees which feels freaking freezing to me and farther north it's below 20 degrees and there's snow.  I'm all about cooking foods that are appropriate for the weather.  I've made soup twice last week.  I also baked bread, which as you know if you read my recipe blog, I do regularly but I actually had not done as much lately because we had a rather warm fall, so I wasn't turning on the oven so much.

So I'm using this post to link up some previous posts that may be useful for you at this time of year and I've also got a short list of recipes that are easy, great for the cold weather and also budget friendly so you can spend less money on food and more on your holiday celebrations.

I created a December 9th Recipes Board on my Pinterest, so you can view that and pin to your hearts content.

Last year I posted some Holiday Food Gift IdeasIt has a good variety of types of gifts; sweet, savory, healthy, and one body scrub not meant to be eaten.  Check that out if you need some ideas for inexpensive but thoughtful gifts.

Meals for December 9, 2013

Taco Cupcakes- Kids love these, they re-heat well and you can serve with a salad for a quick dinner. You can also easily make these with spaghetti sauce and cheese for mini lasagna cupcakes.

Crock Pot Chili- I love my friend Kate's recipe for chili in the crock pot, I have listed it here in my blog many times.

Spinach, Artichoke and Chicken Pasta- If you love spinach and artichoke dip, this pasta is similar, cheesy, but not overly cheesy, so it's healthy.

Thai Turkey Zucchini Meatballs- These are gluten free, Paleo friendly, easy to make ahead and re-heat and is a nice change from the usual marinara and meatballs.

Cheeseburger Macaroni-No processed box mix here! Simple, clean eating, easy to make and kid-friendly.

Quinoa Salad with Pears and Baby Greens- this can certainly be a side dish but it's protein packed with quinoa and since it also has veggies, it's an easy one-dish meal.

Budget Beef and Broccoli- This is my own recipe for an easy and cheap version of beef and broccoli using lean ground beef. I sometimes make this with the frozen French style green beans from Trader Joes that I also have in my freezer.

Cock Pot Thai Chicken Soup- Delicious coconut Thai curry soup made with little effort in the crock pot.

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