Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

(This photo represents where I'd rather be right now)

I used to try not to buy into that old "I hate Mondays" Garfield sort of thing. But lately, Mondays have been hard. A busy weekend makes for a tough Monday. When you work at home, like I do, it's really hard to buckle down and work on Monday if I've been away most of the weekend. It's like I finally have a chance to sit and relax. This week will be a bit busier than last with an extra evening out and some daytime appointments that cut into my work time. So planning and some make-ahead meals are key to keeping us fed.

Monday- I poached some chicken on Friday and used some, but have a good amount leftover. I've seasoned it with taco seasoning (I prefer Pampered Chef's Southwestern Seasoning) and sauteed it with a bit of oil and it will be filling for Chicken Tacos. Everything is prepped before soccer practice- tortillas are in a container ready to heat, lettuce washed and cut, guacamole made and covered tightly. This way I'm just microwaving the chicken to warm it when we get home. I also have leftover bbq beef and I'm making a few quesadillas with them. Tastes great with cheddar cheese!

Tuesday- We're out this evening for a meeting, so we'll eat later. But I'm making a chicken stir fry with chow mein noodles.

Wednesday- Another very busy night for us. We have to eat an early dinner because we have something to do after soccer. So we're having this simple Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter.

Thursday- My oldest wanted to pick what to have and she wanted to make it too. She chose homemade macaroni and cheese. I'm thinking I'll include some steamed broccoli as well as maybe some grilled chicken. I'd link a recipe for the mac and cheese, except I don't have one that I use. I make a roux, I add milk and shredded cheese to create a sauce and toss it with noodles (usually macaroni, but this week we're using penne). We are using a combination of cheese- mild cheddar, white English cheddar and some grated mimolette for the top.

Friday- Another night out, this time for a party.

Saturday- Grilled Pork Chops, Lemony Potato Avocado Salad, steamed artichoke

Sunday- It's the Lost series finale!! Dinner could go two ways- either inspired by the show; which would be beer, peanut butter and various Darma Initiative pantry foods or just be inspired by the beautiful state of Hawaii. I think we're going with the latter. Or a combination of both- I just so happen to have a can of Spam in my pantry. Rice, egg and Spam may make an appearance. Along with this delicious Pineapple Cucumber Salad, which isn't really Hawaiian, but it's got fresh pineapple. :-)

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