Friday, August 17, 2012

Meals for the Week of August 20, 2012

This week I have decided to devote this post entirely to getting ahead of the game with freezer meals and once a month cooking.  With school started for some or starting soon for others, let's turn over a new leaf and get organized shall we? (I don't know about you, but things really go off the rails during the summer in our house, so for me, I have to get back to doing what I know I should be doing, but don't always stick to it.)

First I want to re-visit a previous post that I created with a list of Freezer Meals.  I have gone back and added more recipes to the list.  You could cook the whole list and have enough meals for half the month and maybe more depending on the size of your family and leftovers.

Other foods you may want to make ahead to freeze-
Breakfast Burritos- Doesn't take a whole lot to make a dozen or so of these. 
Banana Muffins- Healthy and delicious, they freeze well.
Raspberry and Jam Muffins-
These are super easy and actually can be anything you want, it's a basic muffin batter that you fold in any kind of jam you happen to have and a bit of frozen fruit.
Either make the mix you always use or this recipe I have linked (which I love), keep them separated with plastic wrap or waxed paper so they don't stick together in the freezer. You could do the same thing with waffles.
I make a big smoothie, then divide it between these great freezer jars.  You can always pop one in the fridge at night so it's still frozen but slushy in the morning or put it frozen in lunches and they are melted by lunch time.

These are some great items to have if you are freezing meals on a regular basis.

I have a Pinterest board (of course!) with some other freezer meals recipes or other lists of freezer recipes.

My freezer stocked with marinara sauce, smoothies and breakfast burritos
Smoothies ready for lunches!

Freezer meals all packed and ready for a client!

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