Friday, September 17, 2010

Meals for Week of September 20, 2010

You know that phrase “Sometimes life gets in the way”?  Well, I have to use that phrase this week.  I started thinking back and although I only moved to this blog format in August, I have been writing my weekly newsletter since June 1, 2009.  I have done it every week and I have not missed a week.  I have written it while on vacation, on holidays and while sick.  But this week I have to just take a pass.  I had to have a little talk with myself this week.  I talked about everything I have going on, the obligations I have made and the deadlines for various tasks that are looming.  I realized that something has to give.  Today (Friday) is the first time I’ve truly sat down at my desk this week.  I’ve had appointments, my personal chef work, meetings, soccer practice and housework that have kept me from doing any writing or research all week.  I considered taking a photo of the enormous pile of unwashed laundry to share here in hopes of getting some sympathy but then I decided it was too embarrassing.  But the biggest thing hanging over my head right now is that we’re going to put our house up for sale.  We have a goal to have it listed at the end of September.  This means we are supposed to begin packing and sprucing up the house.  My husband works very hard and commutes over an hour each way to his job, so he’s generally not home for about 14 hours each day.  Our oldest has soccer on the weekends.  This is basically leaving the weekdays to do this work.  Meaning me.  By myself.  Granted, I have hardly begun any of this except for a bit of closet purging because this week was full with other stuff.  It’s really made me feel like my household has come off it’s wheels.  So I decided I have to devote some of my time at my desk to writing lists and making plans for myself and my family, to get us back on track so that I can get my work and this blog back into the routine.

And then here’s an added wrinkle to my already crazy life- we’re expecting a new addition to our family!  It’s still early in the pregnancy, so on top of all the work I have, I’m moving at a snail’s pace to do any of it because I’m so exhausted I’m practically lethargic and I’m operating in a state of constant nausea.   So ok, excuses, excuses, excuses.  But with all of that, I thought I should do what “experts” say, take a step back, put yourself back on your To Do list, and prioritize.  So this is me, trying to do that.

I didn’t research or cook any new recipes and I haven’t read any new articles to share with you.  On the left margin of the blog is the archive and you can browse through that to look at previous weeks as there may be recipes there that you haven’t tried.  I am also linking here a couple of past recipe pages from my website that used to be password protected for paying members.  Some recipes I have used again in recent meal plans but a few I haven’t used in awhile and I should have because they are good.

September 14, 2009
October 5, 2009

Here’s something I had bookmarked and had been meaning to share, it’s a Martha Stewart collection of kid-friendly recipes.

Thank you and I’ll be back with you next week!!

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