Sunday, May 3, 2009

To Do

Sunday for us is often a day we are mostly at home, doing things like laundry, shopping or other errands, generally getting ready for the week ahead. I've done some of that and I've had a mental To Do list that I want to get written out, so that I can really start this week (and actually this month) out right.

I will start with what I have accomplished already. I have done my major shopping for May. I have been to Costco, Trader Joe's and Winco. I need add up my receipts, but my rough mental estimate is about $400 for quite a bit of food, some of which will last beyond the month. This does not include my $31.95 organic produce delivery which will arrive on Wed. I have planned the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for this coming week and I'm working on next week. When I made breakfast (pan fried diced potatoes, Italian sausage and scrambled eggs) this morning, I made more than needed and used the rest to make 3 breakfast burritos for my husband. He makes a long commute to work and he likes something portable like a burrito. I also usually pack him a yogurt and in addition I have yogurt, fresh blueberries and granola to pack to change things up a bit. For months I've had a package of Trader Joe's banana bread mix in my cupboard and decided to bake that this morning. It's tasty, but nothing like made from scratch. It's very light on banana flavor. I can't even remember why I had that mix in the first place. Anyway, we ate a couple slices and the rest can be eaten this week for the girls to have as a quick breakfast in the car on the way to school/daycare. When I plan our meals I have a chart that includes all meals because it really helps with creating my shopping list and my oldest can actually look at it to know what to grab for breakfast and she can also use it as a guide to pack her own lunch. The breakfast and lunch portion is not has locked in as dinner because I generally have on hand a variety of things that make it flexible, but when you're pressed for time at night to get ready for the next day or rushing out the door in the morning, it's been helpful to just refer to the chart.

So for this week I need to:
*Apply for business license and get started on DBA paperwork
*Continue gathering recipes and send out to friends for testing
*Close survey and download results.
*Create a work schedule for myself to map out time for business and time for home/family
*Make chicken soup - I have a leftover roasted chicken in the freezer from several weeks ago and I keep putting off making the soup.

Tonight we had fish tacos. I also made guacamole and ate my weight in guacamole. I'm very full and content.
Happy Sunday.

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